Gold Nuggets Hiding in the North Georgia Mountains

I know they are out there and it’s just a matter of time before I track them down. It was in Dahlonega, Georgia where the first U.S. gold rush took place. Those old timers back then found a lot of gold around the Dahlonega area of North Georgia. They were mining it out as fast as they could and many of the materials got used in building projects that took place 60 miles to the South in Atlanta, Georgia. Today the capitol building in downtown Atlanta is covered with a paper-thin sheet of gold that was mined from some of the gold mines in Dahlonega, Georgia.

A lof of the material used to pave and construct the Atlanta roadways was taken from the mountains of North Georgia. Many years after the roads were finished, people began to notice gold in the streets of Atlanta. This is still true today for a couple of the roads that still remain in the Atlanta area and have only received some minor patch jobs over the years. So it is true that the streets in Atlanta, Georgia was once paved with gold.

Now is it possible that any of this gold still remains in the mountains and hillsides of North Georgia? The answer is yes and most of the gold in North Georgia has never been mined and the majority still remains undiscovered in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. A gold museum in Dahlonega today shows the Eastern Gold Belt and how it runs through a large section of the Northeastern part of the Peach State. A lot of good information about Georgia gold can be found at the Dahlonega gold museum.

In Cherokee County there were a few gold mines in operation and these gold mines were finding some nice amounts of gold. There is not a good documented history of the gold that was found around the Sixes Road area, but this author believes that more gold lies in this Southern Gold Belt area than all of the gold that has ever been mined out of the Dahlonega gold mines.

This old mill is still present in Cherokee County today. This is a rebuilt version of the mill that got rebuilt in the late 1800’s and the iron wheel was added in during this time frame. You have to go back almost 100 years earlier to those early 1800’s to see large groups of folks settled in these areas around Sixes. Even today it is still not clear why so many people was densely populated in this area of Cherokee County, Georgia. Some do believe it was the gold mines that led to so many people living in this relatively small area.

The author wonders to the Cherokee Gold claims in the Sixes area and if  there ever was a such thing as the Sixes Gold Mines. According to a sign in Downtown Canton, Georgia the Sixes Mines is where gold was first being mined in Georgia.  There is evidence that the White man was searching and mining for gold in 1819 at the Sixes Gold Mines. This is 9 years before the Dahlonega Gold Rush and it’s often credited as the first U.S. Gold Rush. The gold rushes that led west to California and Alaska came later than the Georgia gold rush in Dahlonega, GA. Is it possible that the Indians hid their gold in the area of Sixes before they headed out on the Trail of Tears? This author believes there is some treasures from the various Indian Tribes that hid their gold here; before the horrible Trail of Tears began; which would force all Indian civilizations out of the North Georgia Mountains. Areas around Hightower and the current day name “Yellow Creek” that’s located in North Cherokee County near Ball Ground, Georgia was an area of strong Indian settlements. It was Forest C. Wade’s book that has led to a lot of modern day gold hunters to seek these areas out and many are searching in the wrong areas. These modern day prospectors would have a little more luck if they move just south of their searches in Yellow Creek and around the Franklin Gold Mine areas of Ball Ground. There is still some buried Indian Treasures to be found in a few different spots just north of Canton, but south of the Highway 372 area that cuts through the middle of Ball Ground and Free Home in the Cherokee County area.

Taking out the gold pan and searching for Nature’s deposits is your best bet for finding gold in North Georgia. There is still large areas in North Georgia that are filled with chunky gold and a few of those big nuggets. It doesn’t take much effort to sift through a pan and discover several pickers; if you will just do your gold panning from the right streams and creeks that run through the North Georgia area. A metal detector is another quick way to find some of the larger nuggets that are currently sitting on top of the ground in North Georgia with a lot of the recent heavy rains that fell in 2009. New material has been washed up in Georgia and makes it perfect for some good gold prospecting. The larger gold nuggets are really not hiding, the residents in Georgia just haven’t looked for them. You have to look before you can find them.

Before you load up the gold pans, sluice boxes, high-bankers, dredges, and other gold finding equipment, please do a check in your own backyard first. 1 out of every 3 homes in North Georgia have gold located on their properties. About 4 out of every 5 homes in the Eastern Gold Belt that runs through Georgia have gold on their lands. Find the gold that is already on your property, before you go looking for gold on someone else’s property.

Gold Treasure Hint #1

I am going to start leaving hints that gold prospectors in Georgia can use to find more gold. These hints will lead to natural gold deposits and gold left by Indian Tribes in the 1800’s; before they got forced off their lands by the Georgia Government and U.S. Governments. These hints will be found on my different blogs and eventually each blog will contain more than just 1 hint.

Your hint for the very first one is already contained in this blog post. Remember the part about looking for gold just south of Highway 372 and north of Canton, Georgia? Keep that in mind and this is your first hint that will be followed by many more. As long as the good lord will allow me to live and blog online, I will provide one of the most extensive sources of knowledge on finding more gold in Georgia. No books to buy (at least not yet… and all of this valuable information will be found free online for anyone to discover, that has an interest on the treasures of Georgia and the highest concentrations of gold that can be found naturally in our lovely area of North Georgia.

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