Blog Marketing is Improving My Financial Situation

Several ways to make good money online these days. If you need a work-at-home job; then you’re in luck! I can help you get started, to making a real financial income online. Everybody has to start somewhere and today is where you will start. No one gets rich over night and the process of earning online is a slow one. I know you have heard stories online about a few individuals who were in the right place at the right time and did make a fortune in a short amount of time. For the rest of us, who are not that lucky and don’t posses any great knowledge with computers and the whole Internet thing, then we will have to start out penny by penny and dollar by dollar.

In this Internet Marketing Strategy I have mapped out for everyone and anyone, who has the desire to earn real cash money online, I have made it real broad. I’m not going to focus too much on any one program or any one sector of the money-making areas online. I am going to provide you with multiple programs and multiple styles of making a few extra bucks online. In order for you to achieve the highest financial levels possible, you will need to do a couple of things for me.

1. You must try and execute each strategy I give you.

2. You must earn real money to your PayPal account or get a check in the mailbox in every area, before you decide to do away with any certain section of my money-making plan for you.

I only ask you to follow these 2 steps above, so we can both know for sure, which online area is your strength and which one is your weakness. After several months or even after your 1st year, we can go back and look at which ways earned you the most money, which area you liked the best, which area stands the greatest chance of potential growth in the future, and which areas made you the least amount of money.

We can only be sure of your growth areas, after we have tried different techniques, styles, and programs. For each online marketer, the results will be different. You must follow what you do best, but you can’t do it this way at the starting gate. You must devote equal time, attention, and funds (if you decide to invest cash) equally to all the different sectors, so no money-making opportunity is being left out or getting the short-end of the stick.

You owe me $0 for my time and services. I will never charge you a fee directly or indirectly. You will be helping me out greatly, by being an active downline member for me, in a variety of different programs. Building up a downline or your affiliates online is key. In fact, referral-based programs is the number 1 way to earn online and it’s also the most popular style as well.

Let’s start off with the Clixsense program. Back in the old days of online marketing, there was 2 popular ways to pay online. The two most famous payment processors online was Pay Pal and Storm Pay. As you probably already know, the PayPal processor did very well and it continues to be the first choice for merchants and marketers alike, when it comes time to pay up on the World Wide Net. As for Storm Pay, they changed their name and online mission too. StormPay became today’s ClixSense and it isn’t a processor any longer, but a paid to click program. It is one of the top PTC programs online today. They have a huge membership base and the folks running Clixsense is a great bunch of fellers and “fellerettes” :) I suggest everyone join Clixsense first. This is a great way to teach you about a downline and how multiple downlines or multiple levels work. While it is free to join Clixsense, I want you to pay the $17 and upgrade for 1 year. Seventeen dollars might sound like a lot of money, but this is for a 1 year upgrade, so it breaks down to less than $2 a month. I promise you will get your money back and in most cases, new members achieve this in 6 weeks or less (if they stay active daily).

Now making 17 dollars over a 6 week period doesn’t sound like a lot of money and it isn’t, it is important to lay this first foundation down, so you can begin a solid and long building process. Free members at Clixsense don’t get as many ads to click and they only get awarded credit for their 1st level or their direct referrals. By upgrading your account, you will get 8 levels to play with and this is what we want for building long term wealth.

Imagine you find 10 new referrals for Clixsense. If 3 out of these 10, become active referrals and will show their referral pages too, then your 2nd level starts to fill out. These 3 (out of 10 new refs) go out and they each find 10 new referrals too, then each one of their 1st level refs, will be placed in your 2nd level downline at Clixsense. So now your first 2 levels look like this:

Level 1 (direct refs) – 10

Level 2 – 30

Hopefully your results will be better than 30% and you get more 1st level members contributing to your 2nd level downline. But we know inactive referrals exist and some folks join and will never do nothing else for you. So to be fair, we will keep it at 30 percent rate of return, for our productive referrals.

These 30 members in your 2nd level all have the opportunity to earn you some extra cash each day. If  1 out of every 3 members in level 2  get active with the Clixsense Referral Page and each one of them goes out and finds 10 new refs, your 3rd level will explode! With 10 active refs in level 2 and each one finds 10 new refs, then we have to multiply 10 X 10 which equals out to around 100 new referrals! Okay, it is exactly 100!!! Now let’s look at our first 3 levels with a 30 percent return rate:

Level 1 – 10 Referrals

Level 2 – 30 Referrals

Level 3 – 100 Referrals

If this really happens and everything plays out like this in real life, you suddenly have 140 other people online, who are each helping you make a little money each day. This is how we earn money while we sleep. This is how to get paid while we play 18 holes out on the greens. If you like watching movies or TV; then you can earn cash money for all your TV viewing habits. Isn’t this the life you want?

Well it all starts today. The first day of the rest of your financial online life! I need ya to join Clixsense first and we can begin the process.

1 – Join Clixsense for Free (click here to join)

2. Upgrade Your Account (via PayPal) Around $17 for 1 Year Membership

3. Begin to Click All Those Ads – Try To Finish in 2 Days or Less

4. After All Ads are Clicked; Find Referral Page

5. Add Ref Page on Various Traffic Exchanges – My Top 10 Traffic Exchanges (all free to join)

Please leave a reply, once you have did the above steps. Once a few people have did this first step, I will lead you down a new avenue and a different way to earn online. There is about 7 different ways to earn real good money online and I want to share each one of these ways with you. If you’re already a member of Clixsense; then that is great! Just reply back with that message and we will be moving forward with Lesson 2 shortly. Until then, be sure to stay active at Clixsnese clicking those ads. Wake up every day and even go there several times during the day, to get the latest new ads there. You can also play the Clixgrid Game for some extra money. The website also offers members a way to do surveys or tasks for extra cash. Just roll your sleeves up and particpate fully with all the different ways to earn at Clixsense. If you upgrade for 1 year, you will have 50 clicks a day with the free ClixGrid Game at Clixsense!

Surf the traffic exchanges; while you wait for lesson 2 and future marketing lessons. Advertise your Clixsense ref page in all the different traffic exchanges online. Good luck and I will see everyone soon with a future money-making lesson. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Moving to Montana

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

When my husband lost his job last summer, we didn’t know what to do. I am a stay at home mom, and he was our only provider. Neither of us comes from a wealthy family, so we had no one to help. We had to take extreme measures. We didn’t want to move, but we knew that if my husband could find a job anywhere, we would have to take it. Just as his unemployment benefits were about to run out, he got a job offer in Montana. Moving to Montana would be a huge change for us, but we knew it would be best for our family. He accepted the position, and we started getting ready for the move. We found a great house at an affordable price, and started packing. When we got to Montana we were shocked at how beautiful it was here. We started to settle in to our new home, and I got an alarm system set up from ADT montana. We didn’t think we would like it so much here, but we are really happy. Maybe my husband losing his job was actually a blessing in disguise.

Plenty of Edmonton Rental Space Available

Town Home Rentals and More Available in Edmonton

A beautiful town home located on the out skirts of Edmonton, Alberta awaits a family seeking 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a lovely kitchen area too. This is just one of the rental properties available in the Stoney Plain area of Alberta.

If you and your family are looking for other rentals in Edmonton; then you have found the right place. Or almost the “right place“. You will want to visit the website online, for a full listing of great rental properties in this area. Here you will find a variety of rental homes, apartments, condos, and other living quarters that are sure to suit your needs.

For those who already live in Canada and near the Edmonton area, will find it very easy to locate these different rental properties on the map. If you’re living in the United States and plan to move to Edmonton for a short stay or a permanent one; you will see the online information is more than enough, to help you locate a new place to stay in Canada too. I was amazed to see so many different areas around Edmonton offering such nice and affordable places. For those seeking to live in or near Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Millwoods, Morinville, Devon, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Red Deer, or a rental property in Sherwood Park, you should have no problems online. It is easy to find these Edmonton rental homes and rental condos from your computer. The easy-to-use map and pictures available online, was the two best things I liked. For those who are really serious about moving to Edmonton, they will find the rental information and the real estate agent’s information very helpful for them.

An Area of Millwoods in Edmonton

If you know Edmonton is the right place for you, but you are still not sure on the exact location yet. You can view the maps online, to see some of the names of these places. Gibbons and St. Albert are a couple of places that has rental property available, if you hurry right now. I also notice some areas in rural Alberta and some Calgary apartments that were available on the Net; while I was browsing through the different places to live. I think the residents of these areas or the ones who plan to move there in the near future, are really lucky to have all the modern upgrades available. While still being able to see Mother Nature’s presence very strong in these different parts of Edmonton. Good luck with the search and I hope I was able to help point you in the right direction today.



Waffle House Plans a 2012 Menu Change for the Worse?

Waffle House Menu Changing

That good ol fashion food from the Waffle House. There aren’t many places you can order a T-Bone Steak and Eggs from these days and after September, there will be one less place. No, the Waffle House plans to keep serving their eggs to customers 24 hours a day. It is the steak that will be leaving the Waffle House menu soon. Right now, all the W.F. Stores are having a farewell tour for their beloved T Bone Steak.


It wasn’t too long ago, when the Waffle House tried to trick us customers with a leaner pork chop. If there is anything on the menu, as good as the Steak and Eggs, it would be the Pork Chops and Eggs. In an attempt to save a few cents, they thought it would be a good idea to serve a smaller pork chop to the customers; while still charging them the same prices. The W.F. Customers were just a little too smart for that and they spoke up about it. I hadn’t seen such an uprising like this; since that time they tried to remove A.1. Steak Sauce from the counter and replace it with a knock-off brand of steak sauce. It didn’t take long back then, for the customers to get A1 Sauce back on the tables and those pork chops didn’t stay small for long either. Customers who have spoke up in the past, have been able to avoid these Waffle House catastrophes. So in a desperate attempt to save the T Bone Steak, I want to stand up and voice my opinion.

Pork Chop & Eggs from Waffle House

I don’t have a lot of money and my friends don’t either. So it isn’t like we can go there to eat and order lots of $9.99 T Bone Steaks. From what I understand, the reason for removing the T Bone is a lack of sales. Other than making this blog post online, I don’t have too many good ideas on how to save this delicious food item. I would hate to see it go and I am sure other faithful customers will be too.


If I can’t do nothing personally to save the T-Bone Meal from the Waffle House Restaurants, may I have a farewell meal or two? Is there any way I can get treated to a nice steak and eggs dinner (with the T BONE as the steak)? Or how about a farewell case of steaks? Yes, I think that would be a good way for me to save this precious Waffle House memory the most. I know once September passes, there will be a lot of left over T Bones out there. You don’t have to supply me with any eggs, hashbrowns, or toast. I will even buy my own A.1. Steak Sauce. I would just like to get a case or a few leftover cases of the t-bone steaks; so I can savor this great Waffle House taste, for just a little bit longer.

T Bone Steaks

I live in Georgia, so I am in the right state. The Peach State is where the Waffle House franchise began, so it wouldn’t be hard for me to get to the main offices or a certain W.F. location. I am about 40 miles north of the Atlanta area in Canton, Georgia. In Canton, we have 2 Waffle House locations inside the City. One location, is across from the Wal-Mart Store on Riverstone. This store sits right beside a Buffalos Restaurant. The other store is located across from K-Mart on Highway 5. It sits near a gas station and Papa Johns Pizza place on one side; while KFC and Taco Bell are on the other side. I usually eat at this Waffle House location (across from Goodwill Store & K-Mart). So picking up my case (or cases) of Waffle House T Bone Steaks here, would be the easiest for me. I don’t mind driving over to the other location either, if this location is better for you guys. I will even load up and fill up the gas tank and make a trip down South, toward the Atlanta area, if this would be the best pick-up location. Just let me know soon or before September gets here, so I can start making plans to get my nice, juicy steaks.

My favorite tech gadget

If you had a survey that asked people what their favorite tech gadget is my guess that Apple products would probably leading the pack. I have not been a huge Apple consumer up until the first iPhone was launched. It was so intuitive and really made communicating through text, phone, or social networking sites much easier. I have migrated through all the versions and when the iPad came out I was not sure that I needed this device as it looked like an over sized iPhone. I can honestly say that the iPad2 is my favorite gadget I have ever owned. It has dramatically changed the way that I research articles, read books, and play games with friends and family. Through the constant innovation of apps I have been able to increase my knowledge base 10 fold. With news reader apps like Flipboard and Zite I can easily scan top stories and blogs on the latest technologies, leadership, and social networking. My consumption of news and information has increased and this has led to better prepared articles that I write and better team meetings because of the insights and tips that I have gotten.

The iPad2 has also created a new opportunity for me to stay connected to my family while I travel through Facetime and also stay in close contact with my parents. My Mom was brave enough to upgrade here phone to the new iPhone 4 and now she can’t imagine how she lived without her smartphone. She can video chat with me or her grandkids and stay up to date on all the family news. There are so many great new apps that are being developed and current ones that have made communicating, travel and playing games a whole new adventure. I use two different travel apps to keep track of all the details like hotel, rental car and airfare so that I can manage any trips with one simple app. There are thousands of games that are available in the app store and my family and I have landed on some of the old school board games that we play on the iPad and have gotten hooked on the latest drawing game where you gain points as you challenge each other with various drawings. We can compete challenge each other no matter how close or far apart we are. I truly love the seamless integration across all Apple products when you buy a song or app and only having to pay once and being able to download across our entire family is huge. I am excited to see what Apple is preparing to bring to market based on their announcements next week and am sure there will something in the new slate of products that we will end up getting.

Fredi G. Concerns in Braves Country

It’s not been looking that great for the Braves team and their fans in the early 2012 portion, of the Major League Baseball season. And then again, it doesn’t take much to impress the baseball crowds around Turner Field these days. You still hear so much about Bobby Cox and those great 14 straight seasons of winning their division. That is a nice stat to have, but isn’t it “championships” that we are after?

From the dawn of sports, every coach and player gives the same answer to the same question. What is it that you hope most to accomplish or get this season? That question is followed by the “ring” or “trophy” or just whatever the prize is for that particular sport. If winning the World Series is what we all want in the ATL; then the Braves have been one of the biggest failures in baseball and not a success story at all. After all, the Braves did manage to get to the post-season 14 times straight and won just 1 time. In fact, their only World Series win, under ex-coach Bobby Cox, was a slim 1 run victory over the Cleveland Indians. In a game that finished 1 to 0, with two good pitchers on the mound, you figure it was the manager with the best move, that would have won it, right? Like a hit and run play, a crucial steal, or the old squeeze play. Nope! It was none of those clever things a baseball manager gets credit for. It was a solo home-run shot off the bat of right fielder David Justice, that would be the deciding factor in this game. You can go back over these 14 years and think of a lot of big moments.

*Otis Nixon Towering Over the Wall To Steal a Home Run Away

*Francisco Cabrera Hitting a Big 3 Run Homer Over the Reds

*Francisco Cabrera’s Single To Left Field with Sid Bream Sliding Home

*Andruw Jones Hits 2 Home Runs at Yankee Stadium

*Terry Pendleton’s MVP Season of 91″ To Kick It All Off

These are a few things I reflect on, when I think about the Braves baseball team over those great 14 seasons. None of my memories consist of Bobby Cox making a great call or changing a pitcher in the game. For as much credit as you can give Bobby Cox for winning over this 14 year run, you can also blame him for the lack of World Series wins. He barely got the one he did win. What happened to the team after the 14 streak ended? It wasn’t like we missed season 15 by a hair and came back and won 2 or 3 more division titles in a row. The fact is, Cox produce a winning atmosphere and its been the best thing in Atlanta sports recently. The Atlanta Dream appear to be the next big thing around the corner for this city; which is starving for a winning coach, team, and system to take over any of the sports franchises here.

Obviously Fredi Gonzalez has his own problems, he is dealing with. The 4 game losing streak to start the season and the recent games the team has been losing, which started with a sweep at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati this past week. Both of these things are easy excuses, right Joe Simpson? The master of making up excuses is Braves TV announcer Joe Simpson. Joe likes to think of the recent injuries and just a slow start, for the team’s recent downfalls. It’s really much more than that, when you break down the strengths and weaknesses and how Coach Gonzalez is managing it each nigh, in his 2nd year of coaching for the Atlanta Braves.

What is the biggest strength of this Atlanta ball club? By far, it is the pitchers in the bullpen. The arms and firepower this team has at the 7th inning and beyond is incredible. It’s something that has to be used, in order for this team to win with any consistency. However, due to the last month of last year’s downfall, the club has placed blame on the bullpen and the fact they wore down. I don’t think it was that at all. The other guys in baseball started to figure out some of these guys the Braves have, like rookie of the year Craig Kimbrel and lefty Johnny Venters. They gave up some runs in some key games, but at the same time, our offense had their own problems. We had games where all-star Brian McCann was at the plate with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs and couldn’t get the run in. It was the whole team that failed short and the big lead made them a bit over confident perhaps.

So this year, the team is holding back and not bringing in those star relief pitchers as much. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, to figure out that using your lower tier guys in the bullpen, you will get less of a result. Especially when the coach does it night after night. Our top pitcher is Kimbrel and he has seen the least amount of innings. How does that work? Don’t you play your best players the most? Or at least in most sports you should. We should have seen our star closer in lots of games this year. Bring him in during the 6th inning, if you have a bases loaded situation and no outs, in a 1 run game. But the Braves manager doesn’t want to do this, because he will burn out those arms and these guys will not be rested, when October rolls around. He doesn’t understand, the Braves will all be at home for winter break in October, if he doesn’t start playing these guys. Use your weapons now, build up a nice lead, and then you can worry about the rest time in the last 4 to 6 weeks of the season. By not playing these guys, they have become shaky in games and everyone sees it.

Once the manager starts using his best players and trying to win ball games within 9 innings of play, the fans will come out to the ball park more. Right now, there is no reason for a family in the suburbs of Atlanta, to pay for a family of 4, to go to a game. Especially when the prices are high and you’re going to watch the 2nd and 3rd best players our team has on the roster. I haven’t even went down the “not hustling” road yet. The millions they pay these baseball players to play and they can’t even hustle on the field. No way should families in Atlanta spend their hard-earn money, on a baseball team that refuses to hustle. They watch the ball after they hit it and their eyes let them know the speed they should be running out there.

Just recently we saw Martin Prado on 3rd base with no outs and Freddie Freeman at the plate. Freeman hit a hard shot to first base, but it was deep at first, since the infield was back conceiving the run. Since Prado was not hustling down the line after every pitch, he got caught in no man’s land on the hard-hit grounder and had to return back to the bag. Up next was our clean-up hitter Dan Uggla and he always strikes out. So to make the long story short, the Braves didn’t get a run on this play, with no outs and a runner at third base. After this occurred, our master of excuses man Joe Simpson said “that play will eat at Martin for a week“. He said that, because the announcers and players all believe that Martin Prado is the hardest worker on the team and our most driven competitor out there.Well it turns out, it didn’t take a week and within 24 hours Prado had forgot. He came back the next night and he hit a grounder down the line at Hanley Ramirez, the third baseman of the Marlins, and he swooped in and kept the ball from going foul and ran across the pitcher’s mound to throw out Prado, who was still at the plate. He didn’t even bother to run, cause the ball appeared to be heading foul. I was watching in the games leading up to this and saw Martin do this a lot. He hits balls down the line and will keep a sharp eye on them and makes up his mind later to run or not to run. I knew it was just a matter of time or at one point in the season, it would come back to haunt him. It didn’t take long and for his non-hustling efforts, the coach Fredi Gonzalez did nothing to him. Which a couple of years ago, he did have words with Hanley Ramirez for not hustling in a game. Funny how coincidences like this happen in life and how they come back to reappear later in our lives. Hanley threw out Martin easily, because he didn’t run out of the batter’s box on a close play. Fredi had a shot to discipline Prado or say something publicly to him, so he  could have showed his former player, that he just wants good hustling and everyone must do this. Instead, Ramirez must feel like a target and perhaps Fredi Gonzalez did have a bone to pick with him, since he didn’t say anything to Prado for his lack of hustle on the field.

It just gets worse, the more you watch this team play. Brian McCann chose to blurt out his favorite “F” word to all the fans and children at the game, while slamming his bat down to the ground. He did this after a softly hit grounder to the second baseman. While he was cussing to children and pouting, the second baseman fumbled the ball and lost it. He had time to recover and pick the ball up and throw out the Braves catcher, since he didn’t hustle out of the batter’s box. Lots of players on the team are yelling out cuss words and I think something must be done or said about this. No more cuss words at the ballpark, where fathers and mothers are trying to entertain their little ones. Where is our coach when a censor needs to be put on the mouths of these athletes?

Oh yeah, he is in the ear of Juan Francisco. This is the kid that nobody wanted and the Braves signed him right when this season began. So you don’t expect much from a guy you find like this. Since Chipper can’t stay healthy, Francisco has got a lot of playing time. He has shown some power and hit a big home run at the Great American Ballpark. In a game where no other Braves player could find a hit, this kid was driving a ball way out of the park. His hit was right down the first base line. It wasn’t clear if the ball would be fair or foul, so Juan did stay at home plate a little longer than he should, to see where the ball was going to finally go. He knew the ball was out of play and no player on the field was going to get it. After the ball flew out and we could tell it was fair, the Braves third baseman had a little slide-stepping to his jog, as he ran around the bases. For this action, our coach did feel it was necessary to talk to Juan and even the coach (Dusty Baker) of the other team. Gonzalez went out of his way to let everyone know, that the Braves and his players don’t play this way. He even told Juan he could get other players hurt, cause of his actions of admiring home-runs. I find that so funny and so wrong. Nothing gets said to the non-hustlers who make outs on the field, but let’s gang up on the home run guy and expose him and not stand behind him or support him as one of the team.

Hey Mr. Francisco, are you out there? If you are and reading this, let me tell you my opinion. If you hit home runs, then you can act anyway you want. I will support and back you up, as long as you are trying your best and making something positive happen out there. I understand this was your old team and you wanted a little payback. Since their team was beating up on your team, you had to find another way to pay them back. I also know earlier in the year, when you guys played them in Atlanta and how their pitchers threw at you and even plunked you one time. That home run you hit was pay back for many things. I saw that and the real Braves fans saw it too.

This is how things work in the ATL. If a player comes here and is a little bit different, they laugh and try to expose you as a bad seed. We have seen this with many good baseball players over the years. Yunel Escobar was a fabulous shortstop and he made some great plays with his arm. He was missed after we got Alex Gonzalez from Toronto here and he couldn’t field nothing. He made so many errors on easy grounders, it was sad to see a major league shortstop play that bad. He did get a little better before leaving, but he never fielded as well as Escobar. Now we have Tyler making errors at short and the Braves have not had a good shortstop in place, since they traded Escobar away and it was all because he was different.

Joe Simpson is a major blame for festering these problems and using his voice to take sides. He takes the side of management obviously and says things he shouldn’t. Yunel Escobar went on to have a great year for the Blue Jays and now Alex is gone in Atlanta and we lost out big time on that trade. The worse part of all, is because a player acts different from the other ball players on the team, so he quickly gets deemed as being wrong. Joe Simpson has blamed Juan Francisco for making 2 errors on 1 play, trying to get a triple out of a misplayed ball, and his recent home run strut. He has blamed the kid for a few other things too and he repeats these Francisco mistakes many times over. He fails to let the fans watching at home know about Prado not hustling on multiple plays, Uggla’s struggles with a man on 3rd and 1 out or less, and things like this. If these players do make mistakes, like Freeman in a slump, he just makes an excuse and will blame it on glasses or contact lenses. He never calls the game or the play for what it really is. He must use his slants, excuses, and do all of this; while taking up for the team members he feels he has a “buddy-ship” with.

Modern Vanities or Antique Vanities in the Bathroom?

While most of us are getting ready to do our spring cleaning this year, I’m sure a few will be doing some home makeover jobs. The bathroom is always a popular room in the house to target, when we get in the D.I.Y. mood. The bathroom vanities and cabinets is one of the fun things to go shopping for. If you search around online, you can find some really nice vanities for sale. I was having a little trouble with which style to go with for our bathroom. Can you please help me? Do you prefer the antique vanity or a more modern vanity in your bathroom? All replies and comments will be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance! Good luck to everyone with their home makeover jobs in 2012.

Best Apps for Small Business

If you were trying to draw a picture, you wouldn’t cover up one eye, would you? If you were playing football, you wouldn’t tie one arm behind your back, would you? If you were cooking a meal, you wouldn’t intentionally leave out some of the ingredients, right?


The answers to those questions seem simple enough but in small business it seems that many people take the above-mentioned routes. They don’t utilize all the tools they have available. They try to leave certain things out of the equation and hope that it won’t catch up to bite them in the end. If you’re running a small business, some of the greatest tools you can utilize fit into the palm of your hand. Mobile apps are not only good for providing distractions through games like Angry Birds and Words With Friends. They can also optimize your business and help you to perform your duties more efficiently. Here are a few of my personal favorite apps available for iOS.


YouSendIt – free


This is a great cloud-based file-sharing network. The idea is that it allows users to bunny hop email and the associated size restrictions. Next time you need to share that entire PowerPoint presentation, video or .zip file, just drop it into YouSendIt. You can also manage who gets to see what, so performance reports get dropped in a folder that is only seen by the manager and assignment go straight to the worker bees.


Square – free


Square is the easiest way small businesses can accept credit card payment. Simply attach the free Square credit card processor (it plugs into your iPhone’s headphone jack) and begin swiping. The service only costs 2.75 percent of each transaction. There is no per-transaction set fee—quite a coup in the mobile payment processing world.


Evernote – free


Evernote is fantastic not only for businesses, but for anyone who wishes to stay organized. You can leave notes and voice memos for yourself that sync to your computer, tablet and smartphone. The next time you have some extra time at the airport, you can edit that quarterly report on your iPad in Evernote, then when you get back to the office after the return flight, the changes will be waiting for you on your desktop.


Twitterific – $4.99


This was the first Twitter app to hit the Apple App Store and it is full of awesome features. One of the best features for business people is that it is supported by both the iPhone and the iPad. Buy it on one device, have it on both. The premium account, which I highly recommend, allows users to interact with the app without having to deal with annoying ads. It also has the added perk of allowing management of multiple accounts.


Lisa is a guest blogger who writes about the latest tech devices, social media and ways to use Dell coupons for computers.

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Contribution by Kennith Griffin

We looked into DIRECTV Packages and decided to add the movie channels to our lineup. I am really glad that we did because this past weekend we were snowed in. We are used to getting snow, but last weekend, we got slammed with a blizzard. I mean a white out. In Minnesota, you have to be prepared for snow, and we usually are, but this was a monster snow storm. We didn’t leave the house for two days. Luckily, our satellite still worked and the generator that we have kicked in when the power went out. We were able to watch movies all weekend. I have to say that I think that it was the most entertained that I have ever been when we were snowed in. Usually, our television wouldn’t work or there was nothing on and we would end up getting sick of playing Scrabble. Being able to curl up on the sofa in front of the fire made me forget about the terrible weather outside. Luckily, I had stocked up on popcorn too!

Coyotes Attack Family Dog in Roswell

A family living in Roswell, Georgia had a big shock the other night. They just had let their dog out of the house, a mix dog with Australian Shepherd in it, and not long after, the Dad heard a loud commotion going on outside. He quickly jumped up and put his shoes on and went out to see what all the racket was. Just as he was going outside, his dog rounded the corner of the house and was obviously distressed.

It now appears the dog was attacked by a coyote living near a local waterway in Roswell. As the cameraman showed this story on the news, I could see a lot of large fowl in the area. The news station said the coyotes would follow these big birds. Not sure why, because you wouldn’t think the coyotes would be able to catch these large water birds. It could be a predator stealing another predator’s food? The bird swoops down for a nice rabbit in a backyard and then the coyote comes in and takes the bird’s kill away? I know this doesn’t sound likely, but I really have no other thoughts, on why coyotes would be following any birds around.

Has your family ever had a problem with coyotes before? I know I have seen some in Canton, which is about a 30 minute drive from Roswell. So it would seem that there is a few packs running wild in the North Georgia area. In most cases, a coyote will attack another dog around the throat area. The family’s Australian Shepherd was attacked more toward the rear-end. Which would seem to suggest, that the dog was trying to run away from the coyote and the coyote was still trying to catch the dog. A dog would be a nice meal for a coyote or a pack of coyotes. Often coyotes are smaller than your larger dogs, like a German Shepherd or a Doberman for instance. If you have had a problem with coyotes in your yard or neighborhood, I would like to know what you and your neighbors did, to get rid of them. No one wants a coyote around their home, when they have pets and small children around. Especially, if there is any possibilities that the coyotes could be rabid and in that case, they would even be likely to attack adults too.

2 Year Old Sings Adele @ YouTube

Amazing Singer 2 Years Old – Someone Like You by Adele (originally)

YouTube Preview Image

What did you think?

You have to be careful around kids, because you just never know what they will pick up from you. I’m sure this Mom didn’t realize how much her 2 year old daughter was listening to the radio. The songs she was hearing everyday, was the same ones her young daughter was having to listen to also. Who knows if the kid likes Adele or not, but I’m guessing she does. It appears everyone who hears Adele sing these days, just fall in love with her. And this goes for 2 year old girls too!

I think this is an amazing performance for any 2 year old child. I’m sure her parents will want to take this a step further and see what kind of musical skills their young daughter does posses. I think Adele would get a big kick out of hearing this young girl sing her song or belt out the lyrics just like Adele would on a live stage for her fans. The song is called Someone Like You and it has been a strong musical single for the very famous and very popular Adele. Someone Like You is a great song and it has that 1980’s sound or at least I hear that old time pop-style of singing; when I hear Adele sing this song. Adele singing Someone Like You is just a good song to hear in the morning time, when you’re driving in for work. I know the radio stations in Atlanta, Georgia play her songs in the morning time a lot. Does the local stations in your city or radio morning shows play this popular Adele song Someone Like You? Please let me know if they do and what city or town do you live near?



Buying Your Next Rx Medications Online

For some, making a trip to the drug store or local pharmacy is not that convenient. Especially for those who have prescriptions they must get filled each month. It actually makes better sense, to get those scripts filled online. This can save you time and money too! If you buy actonel online, instead of driving to a hometown pharmacy, you can save money on the fuel costs alone. Plus you may see the online prices are in some cases, cheaper than your local drug store prices.

The Canada Drug Center is a popular destination online, for those who are looking to save money on their monthly medications. They offer a lot of brand and generic names for some of the most popular drugs, which patients get filled these days. Their supply and prices make it a great choice, for those who are looking to save a few dollars each time they need a prescription filled. Canada drugs is worth checking out and it doesn’t take you long, to compare the prices you’re paying now and the prices they are offering consumers online.

Unfortunately the over the counter drugs don’t offer all our health needs and at some point, we will all need to get a prescription filled by a licensed pharmacist. While we don’t have a lot of control of where we have to look for our new medications. We do get to choose which pharmacy we let fill our prescriptions. This is important, since all pharmacies are not created equal. Even the different online pharmacies have a wide gap on services and prices they offer to their customers. The Canada Drug Center is heavily advertised online, but for good reason. You see their name so often on the Net, due to the low prices and the helpful services they give to their customers. If you never tried an online pharmacy in the past, you may want to get your next script filled on the computer, so you can see how easy it really is to use. Once you start using an online pharmacy, you will probably start using them every month for your medication needs.

Drew & Hawks Clueless in Atlanta

It was too bad the Atlanta Hawks owners and brass didn’t do more to find a new coach for the Atlanta Hawks last summer. The current coach Larry Drew had one unique idea when he got the head coaching job. He believed the team needed to move the ball around more on offense, from the days of Woody Ball in the ATL. Unfortunately that plan didn’t last long. When the Hawks do move the ball around on offense, it does cause a lot of problems for other NBA teams. Mike Woodson is really still coaching in Atlanta, cause new coach Larry Drew is still following his game plan. He does everything like Coach Woodson did. He plays Joe Johnson too many minutes and he gives Joe the blank check. No matter how bad Joe plays or what he looks like in the first 3 quarters of a basketball game, you can still bet the farm the team will still go to him in the last 5 minutes of a close NBA game.

The other players see that Joe Johnson gets this blank check nightly and it’s causing the other players to lose confidence in the style of ball being played in the Atl. We have over-heard from Dominique, Bob Rathman, and Coach Drew about Josh Smith’s outside jumpers. Even though 6 weeks into the season last year, he was 9th in the League in 3 Point Percentage, we still here these guys talk about his jumper. It might not look as good as Joe’s, but for the most part, it gets the same results. It goes in as much as Joe’s shots do, but we never hear about all the weaknesses Joe brings to the court nightly. You guys are real smart to see what Smoove does wrong, but are blinded when it comes to Joe’s play.

First of all, let’s state the obvious. Joe Johnson points per game average has steadily went down in the last 5 or 6 years; while playing in a Hawk’s uniform. While his offensive production continues to decline, his minutes stay the same. He plays the most minutes on the team. He gets the most offensive chances on the team. And no matter how bad his game or shot is on any given night, he gets to stay on the floor. It’s just crazy basketball and its the kind of basketball that will not win championships; even though the Hawks probably have the most talented roster in the league. No telling how far these guys could have went, with Jamal Crawford still on the team. Too bad we gave the farm to a guy who doesn’t play fast break defense, will not get his shirt untucked while playing, and Joe never whispers in the other guy’s ears or tries to pump them up. He is clearly out there for his own personal stats, goals, and basketball desires. The only way to fix this Joe Johnson problem, is to bring in a new coach and let him know, that our highest paid player is only 7th or 8th on the team; when it comes to a per minute production. No way can a NBA team win, when they play their 7th or 8th best player the most minutes each night. Period!

The Greatest Whitney Houston Songs of All Time

Angel Whitney Houston Heads Home

It wasn’t that long ago, when pop music fans world-wide was mourning the death of pop king Michael Jackson. He was taken too early at the age of 50 years old. Then even more shocking, the hippest and coolest diva of them all, would make her path toward the heavens above. Whitney Houston was only 48 years old. Even with her passing almost 2 weeks old now, it is still hard to believe she is gone.

There is no doubt that Whitney left her mark on the music industry for generations to come. I was wondering what was the top song of her’s; which Houston fans will remember the most? Do you have a top 3 or perhaps a top 5 of Whitney Houston songs? I will list below the best songs I liked from her and list the ones I think are in the running for her top song of all time.

1. Greatest Love of All

2. Where Do Broken Hearts Go

3. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

4. Miracle

5. One Moment In Time

6. The Star Spangled Banner

7. I Will Always Love You

8. Didn’t We Almost Have It All

9. All At Once

10. Run To You

These were the top 10 Whitney Houston songs that came to my mind. It would be tough to rank them in order from one to ten. Do you see any Whitney Houston songs I should have listed? If so, which song need to be taken off the list, in order to put your song in the top 10? Please let me know your favorite Whitney Houston song or songs. If you can’t just name 1; then please list the top 2 or 3 songs you think she ever done on stage with a microphone.

Whitney & Bobbi Kristina – You’ll Never Stand Alone

YouTube Preview Image

RIP Whitney Houston

Tyler Perry from Atlanta, Georgia really spoke from the heart at Whitney Houston’s funeral. His words were felt world-wide and he got a lot of buzz from the family and friends at the Whitney Houston funeral last Saturday. If you missed what Tyler Perry said, here is a replay of his moving speech from The last time a man from Atlanta, that stood amongst us all, and spoke words so well and so spiritually. It was the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. I could easily see the talented Tyler Perry following in his footsteps someday or becoming a great speech leader for some cause. For right now, Mr. Perry is all about the film-making. He appeared earlier in the week on The View at ABC Television, where he was promoting his latest move; which he will be appearing in. The movie is set to be released on Friday, February 24th, 2012 and it is called Good Deeds.

Tyler Perry from Atlanta Speaks at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

YouTube Preview Image


Make your business cards online

Your web site can include programs to help you communicate and send newsletters. You can invite old customers to participate in surveys, and have a general message area where they can communicate and help other customers solve their problems.Take your mailing list and send a letter to all past customers informing them of your new web site, and perhaps a free gift just for visiting. This will help migrate them to your web site, and help you to save money on mailing offers. Make sure to include your new URL on all your business cards UK designed online, stationary, products and anything else that leaves your office. With so many marketing channels available you want still want to maintain a focus on just a few so that you do not confuse your customers but give them a choice of how they can buy and contact you.

On your new business cards you will want to have a catchy logo. With the options to make business cards using tools to help create your image you will not only save time, but money. Creating a logo is a good start for any small company or business that is looking to get maximum exposure to their products or services. Just adding your own logo design to a business card and writing down other important information like address, telephone or cell numbers, email address, websites and any other important information that you would like to add. I chose just to create a descriptive message with my business card and just letting people know that blogs can drive traffic to their websites and this will also create better search engine rankings.

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