The Household

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

It’s been great trying to divvy up the household chores now that Chris and I are married. We’d been dating for a while and we knew we didn’t want to live together before we got married so this is how we planned it out. Now that we’re hitched I’m moved in and it’s quite an adjustment living together for the first time! I love being part of a couple but having to share a bathroomis a whole different beast – one that I’m not too crazy about. Anyway, I’ve been doing all the bills and calling Reliant Energy and the pest control guys and all that and Chris has actually helped a lot with the manual chores like taking out the trash and doing laundry and stuff. I never would have pegged him as so domestic but I guess he did live by himself for many years which probably helped a lot. I love being married and I’d say our relationship is stronger than ever now that we live together all the time.

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