TV Doctor’s New Weight Loss Diet Book

The Drs TV Show is one of the most watched and loved medical shows on television today. Each weekday, viewers look-in to see what new health products and procedures are available; while getting a good dose of healthy advice.

The main doctor is Travis Stork, who leads his fellow colleagues on the air each weekday morning. Doctor Stork, the ER Doctor from Nashville, has just recently wrote a new weight loss book called The Lean Belly Prescription. Anyone wanting a copy of this new Drs Diet Book, can place their preorders online before December 7th or their direct orders after this date. You can save money, by preordering this new diet book by Travis Stork from the Doctors TV Show.


If you would like more information about The Lean Belly Diet Book, just check out the Doctors TV Blog for more information. This would make a perfect Christmas gift, for anyone who is looking to lose weight or knows someone that needs a leaner belly. Enjoy Dr. Stork’s new book and let me know your opinions or thoughts about this new weight loss book from the Doctors TV Program.

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